I'm a qualified primary school teacher, with over fifteen years of experience in the eduction sector. These days, my time is fairly evenly split between freelance training work in schools, writing education materials and developing and delivering short-term education projects.

I started teaching in Australia, and went on to become a primary mathematics advisor, supporting about 60 primary schools. In this role I worked closely with the First Steps in Mathematics project, and eventually I was seconded to help finish writing their resource materials, which are designed to develop teachers' own understanding of mathematics and how children learn.

When I moved to the UK in 2002 I went back to the classroom for a while, teaching in a range of schools across London before returning to advisory work. Since then, most of my work has involved computing and ICT. In the past I've worked as an Education Consultant for RM and as a Computing / ICT advisor for a local education authority, and have run projects with teachers and pupils including podcasting, animation and digital storytelling. More recently I've worked with Code Club to develop teacher training materials for the new Computing curriculum, and with the Story Museum in Oxford to develop and run workshops for children around games design.

I'm interested in how technology can make learning more engaging for pupils, the opportunities it provides for them to develop creativity and thinking skills and ways in which it can give them greater ownership of their learning. In fact, I'm interested in any approach to teaching and learning which can achieve these things......whether there is technology is involved or not!

If any of this sounds interesting and you would like to know more, please get in touch.