What do I write? That's a good question. I've tried song-writing, comedy writing and technology journalism but now I mostly write fiction. I'm working on a few longer projects which may or may not ever see the light of day, and in between bursts of enthusiasm for these I write short stories, some of which have found homes (hooray!)

Short Stories

Bloody Marys and a Bowl of Pho

This story was published in Stations (Arachne Press), an anthology of stories each centred around a different stop on the East London overground line. My station was Hoxton and the story was inspired by the wonderful Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, a shop which funds the work of a writing charity called The Ministry of Stories.

My author page at Arachne Press

Breaking The Duck

The lovely people at Open Pen Mgazine published my story 'Breaking the Duck' in their September 2012 issue (issue 6) which was available from independent bookshops across London at the time. The story is now online here.

A Perfect Fit and A Touch of Froth - Storytails podcasts

In January 2012 I read a story called "A Perfect Fit" at Storytails, a free monthly storytelling event in Stoke Newington. It was so much fun, I went back in March to read another story, called "A Touch of Froth".

The Right Time

This is where it all began! In 2010 my first story "The Right Time" was listed as one of five runners-up in a short story competition run by author Rowan Colman. "Very accomplished handling of the first person in a story about someone losing a sense of their own identity" is how she described my entry. I was chuffed. Rowan did publish this story on her blog but it is no longer there; you can read the original version (which had to be cut down to meet the word limit) here.

Flash Fiction

I don't write a lot of flash fiction - to paraphrase Mark Twain, I don't have enough time to write anything that short! But I do have a flash fiction piece online, as part of the London Literary Project's London Clock, and another one in anthology called Once Upon a Time which is currently available on Amazon. I should warn you, though, that my story was printed with the last line missing! So it might not make a lot of sense.

Other Projects

Some Days in the Life - storytelling with Twitter

In November 2012 I joined writers Virginia Moffatt, Julia Williams and others in a project to see if Twitter could be used as a medium for telling stories. Over the course of a weekend we told a real-time story - all in tweets - about a single mother, her teenage son, his dreadful girlfriend and a growing cast of supporting characters. I had great fun playing @Fitness Dee, a relentlessly cheerful fitness instructor. I blogged about the experience here, and there's a transcript of the story online.

Some Days In the Life transcript

Other stories are still looking for homes. If you would like to see any of them, please do get in touch.