Guest Blogging for Arachne Press

I recently wrote a 2-part guest post for the Arachne Press website, trying to explain how I wrote Bloody Marys and a Bowl of Pho, my contribution to Stations. Part 1 is all about Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, the real life shop which provided the inspiration, and part 2 is an attempt to track exactly what was going through my head as I was writing it.

Thursday 18th April: Stations Reading, Forest Hill

Along with some other Stations authors, I took part in a CityRead event at Forest Hill Library. It was a great night with a lovely audience (having any sort of audience at these sorts of events is nice, but this lot were particularly friendly and stayed to chat afterwards.) There's a short snippet from each of the readings (including mine) over at the Arachne Press website, which you can get to if you click on the picture.